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This product was created to help families during the transition when there is a lost of a loved one. The conversation about death is never easy, but being prepared is. Save your family the hassle, stress and financial burden by simply communicating and outlining your wishes here. You are able to securely place all important information in one place, from life insurance policy to pensions. Enabling everyone to move forward peacefully.

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Create your personalized form based off your current assets. Get started today simply and securely.

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Create an account so you can track and update your information. As your life changes, your policies will too. Receive alerts to ensure your life status stays up to date.

Resources For Your Individual Needs

eLEGACY is here to help. Use our resources to fit your individual needs. Learn how a slight adjustment can be life changing for you and your family.

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From insurance policies to pensions, start today you and your loved ones won’t have to worry about tomorrow.


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