Helping families during the transition when there is a loss of a loved one.

Fill the void of the unknown. Give your family the resources to ensure they are able to properly bury you and handle your unfinished business.


Where Life Is Pieced Together

Billions of dollars go unclaimed each year due to families not sharing valuable information prior to death. eLEGACY is a safe haven for individuals to collectively place all pertinent information for their loved ones in one place. Keeping families intact and without questions when their beloved member has passed away.

eLEGACY was created to help families during the transition when there is a lost of a loved one. The conversation about death is never easy, but being prepared is. Save your family the hassle, stress and financial burden by simply communicating and outlining your wishes here. You are able to securely place all important information on one place, from life insurance policy to pensions. Enabling everyone to move forward peacefully.

Don't Leave Your Family Stressed

Plan ahead using our platform.


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